FSB organized the second MBA Entrance Examination

In 5-6 November, FPT School of Business (FSB) – FPT University held the MBA entrance examimation for candidates registered in Hanoi. The exam attracted 98 contestants.

Most of contestants highly evaluated the examnination quality such as the consistent exam questions, serious and professional organization, friendly and helpful attitudes of FSB staff that helped decreasing candidate tension. Candidates were enthusiasticly supported from the document preparation to the exam notification.

Besides, those contestants who joined the examination also appreciated the contents of the exams. Mr Nguyễn Văn Linh, a former student of Bank Academy of Vietna, assessed: “I was impressed by the interesting design concept of exams. Questions are very consistent with candidates and open enough to allow contestants to apply their practical experience instead of academic knowledge to answer.”
With three subjects including GMAT, Management and English, FSB’s exams comprise of multiple-choice test to examine general knowledge and essay questions with case studies to classify candidates and evaluate practical understanding. Ms Nguyễn Thu Trang, who is working for Honda, said: “Questions of exams are suitable for candidate abilities and not too difficult to provide many examples connecting knowledge and actual exprerience. There are many exciting questions about cases of hot issues all over the world”.
Many of MBA candidates are leaders or managers of companies. Mr Trần Quốc Oai, a contestant, stated: “My awareness was from many friends of mine and they had good reviews about FSB. That was the reason why I chose this course. I hope to experience and acquire from FSB professionals and lectures”.