Business opportunities of Vietnamese in the U.S

This is the topic of the seminar with Dr. Tam Nguyen – The Co-Chairman of Viet Foundation, Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce of Orange County (California), advisor at Disneyland, Revlon, Edison, lecturer at Cal State Fullerton University. The seminar will be held on 27th September at FSB Hanoi.
The event had the participation of Dr. Derrick H. Nguyen – senior advisor at Fullerton University and Dr. Nguyễn Đức Nhật – Head of FSB’s Faculty of Economics and Management as well as 30 students of FeMBA classes.


Dr. Derrik Nguyễn, Dr. Tâm Nguyễn and Dr. Nguyễn Đức Nhật (in turn order from left to right) resolved participants’ inquiries.

Dr. Derrik Nguyễn shared 10 points every business should keep in mind to invest in the U.S: A complete business plan; Experience and sponsors; Place; Capital and Finance; Corporate Structure; Company Naming; License; Tax; Policy for employees; The guidance/Information Sources. If business owners had not enough experience, they should look for advice from experienced experts, business consulting firm or SBA – U.S. Small Business Administration).
Dr.Tâm Nguyễn not only was a lecture at Fullerton University but also had lots of practical experience in family business sector. At present, he was the president and owner of Advance Beauty College, a family business model. Dr Tâm Nguyễn shared this model in the context of the U.S open economy in the current period and opportunities to help Vietnamese businesses grow.
Various questions were posed to speakers in the seminar. With many practical evidence, Dr. Tam Nguyen emphasized the “business gene” with one lesson that family businesses needed to plan the generational pass-over and get well-prepared for all situations. This is also the difference between Vietnam and U.S business.