FSB students and the seminar “Grow fast or die slow”

On 8th October, the seminar “Grow fast or die slow” was organized by FSB. With Mr. Hoàng Nam Tiến, the Chairman of FPT Software, as the host man, the event engaged more than 100 managers and salesmen from various enterprises in Hanoi.

The lecture of Mr. Hoàng Nam Tiến was based on three famous books by Jim Collins including “Build to last”, “Good to great”, “Great by choice” and one by Jason Jennings titled “The high speed company”. Along with summarizing those books, the Chairman of FPT Software gave much evidence of the actual operations of big corporations in Vietnam such as FPT, Viettel, Vinamilk…
He said that a business was like a human that got four sufferings of “birth, aging, sickness and death”. Therefore, the question of “how to be everlasting” was raising by many companies. To resolve this problem, business owners must be aware of the point that their company were at the highest level of development to prepare well for the ‘jumping point’. This might help avoid going down because that was the time that company are in the best conditions of human resource and financial capacity.


He also guided by the true story of FPT from the establishment, distribution and dominating the market. With the field of software and network equipment, FPT always identified the first rule is to keep the first position as well as to associate with the 4th to 10th companies to compete against the 2nd and 3rd ones. The chairman of FPT Software stated businessmen in all areas must define specific objectives and be willing to share profits in order to dominate the market. To achieve ‘high speed’ growth, business owners had to decide fast, timely and promptly.
Mr. Hoàng Nam Tiến took his time to answer questions of participants about management experience, business risks and talent recruitment. He summed up, a fast-growing company is due to 3 factors: strategy, market selection and using people. If you chose the wrong people, even right things gone wrong. Excluding all those high-skilled personnel in foreign enterprises, he advised to collaborate with young, enthusiastic people who were ready to take risk to get success.