FSB Students and the seminar “Startup – The mindset to survive and grow”

On 13th September, the seminar with the topic “Startup – The mindset to survive and grow” with the economic expert, Dr. Lê Thẩm Dương, took place at Block C, VAS – FSB Building, My Dinh 1, Tu Liem, Hanoi. The event held by FSB attracted nearly 90 participants who were business owners and young managers intended to begin a startup.


By actual evidence, Dr. Lê Thẩm Dương made a clear definition of startup and when you should make up life at a startup as well as necessary skills of a leader/manager in the era of free trade. Those were the vision, confidence, interactions, motivation, responsibility and integrity. With each skill, Dr. Lê Thẩm Dương offered vivid examples to help students with new and effective approaches.
Besides, “the million view” speaker continued to define and classify 5 types of mindsets during the integration time, including: Experience thinking, Critical thinking, Creative thinking and Breakthrough thinking. According to him, every type of mindsets had their own rules to suit each context. Previously, human thought by not thinking, then moved to experience thinking. When wealth fell on the rich, human started critical thinking. Gradually, people learned to do the same like what was taught her and turned it into something of their own, also known as creative thinking. Dr. Lê Thẩm Dương formulated: Creation = Logic + Difference. Nowadays, “distinction and difference” creates breakthrough thinking.
The useful information Dr. Lê Thẩm Dương provided in the seminar was much appreciated by students due to practical and practical lessons in form of witty and attractive stories.