FPT Deputy General Director shared his experience with VNPT’s management team

In the morning of May 26th, at the FPT School of Business (FSB), FPT Deputy General Director Đỗ Cao Bảo had a talk show with the topic of “Building the leader’s image” with nearly 30 attendants who are leaders of Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT).


This is the last boot camp in the series of the training program “Developing Strategic Leadership Team” which was designed by FSB, dedicated for VNPT staff starting from October 2016. The program consists of 90 lessons and 3 boot camps with several interesting topics which are: “Portrait of the leader” with Dr. Đỗ Tiến Long, “Conversation with the economist” with Assoc. Prof., Dr. Nguyễn Đức Trung, and “Building the leader’s image” with FPT Deputy General Director Đỗ Cao Bảo.

In order to bring the best knowledge about business leadership in the new era to the attendants, FPT Deputy General Director shared the stories about headmen who had built natural power and prestige by their spirit, abilities and their virtue instead of using their titles. With specific examples, FPT Deputy General Director helped the attendants to figure better the leader’s image so as to have a better understanding about their role, thus forming their own suitable leadership style which makes their employees respect and believe in them. This is the secret accumulated in many years, deriving from the experience during nearly 30 years of his leadership.

The boot camp is highly appreciated by the trainees regarding to the content and the way they were delivered by the lecturer. Ms. Pham Thi Hong Mai commented: “He shared many practical knowledge, and did not hesitate to argue with students to have final conclusions”, and Ms. Dang Thi Hien Quy said: “I like his teaching method very much, he has a liberal style which created a comfortable atmosphere in the class. He is also close to the attendants”.