FSB organized the monthly activity for lecturers and trainers

The event was held on April 29th with the participation of 20 lecturers and training staff. Under the co-ordination of both Director Nguyen Viet Thang and Deputy Director Ha Nguyen, the lecturers shared many useful information about the orientation of FSB as well as development trends and training technologies in the world.


The two most appreciated values of the event were “information-sharing value” and “networking value.”

Speaking about recent changes of FPT Education and FSB, Director Nguyen Viet Thang proudly introduced 4 FPT training facilities in 4 major cities: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Can Tho with nearly 20,000 students. FSB’s growth indicators in the first quarter were better than of last year. He also shared about the upcoming FSB new programs, including two special courses for senior executives namely Senior Executive MBA (SeMBA) and International Executive Development Program (IEDP).

FSB Deputy Director Ha Nguyen introduced six international MBA training trends and training technologies, particularly the Constructivism of the Jewish. According to him, the application of this theory is not only extremely useful in education to promote the knowledge of the students but also have influence on many other fields. Recently the Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc also mentioned the concept of the Constructive Government as a new activity orientation.

In terms of training technology, the lecturers discussed about the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and its applicability in training sector. With many of the lecturers currently working in the banking and finance sector, the debate was concentrated in Fintech, a revolutionary technology which is considered to pose a great threat on the global banking system, and the ability to apply Fintech into teaching. The lecturers all agreed with Makeuseof.com statement “Future technological advancements may change the landscape of education, but will never eradicate the need for human teachers” because of only human teachers could have the ability to transfer inspiration to their students. Therefore, in addition to improving knowledge, lectures also need to focus on their inspirational ability in order to create the best learning motivation for the learners.