Vietnamese enterprises with World Economic Integration agreements

On April 22nd, FPT School of Business (FSB) organized a workshop on “World Economic Integration Agreements – Opportunities and Challenges for Vietnamese Enterprises” at Hoa Binh Hotel, Hanoi. The speaker of the workshop is Mr. Luong Hoang Thai – Director of the Multilateral Trade Policy Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam.

luong Hoang Thai


With his experience in the field of commercial negotiations, Mr. Luong Hoang Thai talked about the trade freedom with the advantages for Vietnam and Vietnamese enterprises. Additionally, in his opinion, Vietnam businesses have to tackle with various barriers and some social reactions.

Mr. Luong Hoang Thai also introduced the rules in international trade that enterprises must comprehend including “hard boundaries” (general regulations in commerce) and “soft boundaries” (procedures, practical frameworks) regarding negotiation as a game. Games must have rules and can be adjusted in different situations, provided that there are mutual benefits for every involving parties. In trade, the best deal is on the “effective line” – which means that an agreement could create as much value as possible for all parties.